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What is Hypnosis?                                          

Hypnosis has literally helped thousands of people all over the world with any number of issues, ailments, and general self-improvement. From weight loss to smoking cessation, to getting over fears and phobias held since childhood, even used as an anesthetic for surgery, the areas that hypnosis can improve your life are almost endless.

That is exactly why I started years ago on my path to becoming a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Helping people to improve their lives has always been a passion of mine. After completing my academic study at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana California and completing 200 hrs. of supervised clinical sessions I have seen and helped countless everyday people, just like you.

Hypnosis is safe and highly effective because it is simply a natural form of consciousness; one that everyone experiences from time to time. A vivid day-dream, losing all track of time, or 'zoning out' are all various forms of hypnosis. Essentially hypnosis happens anytime our logical cognitive mind isn't racing around, allowing your subconscious, where habits, fears, cravings etc. reside to come to the forefront. This happens within a safe, controlled and relaxing environment in which we guide your logical/cognitive mind into comfortably taking a back seat to work directly with your subconscious.

My clients who are interested in weight loss, smoking cessation, fears and phobias, pain management, or general self-improvement are so successful because I have developed a unique and powerful 3-pronged approach and philosophy that allows the positive change you need to take place more quickly, and more deeply than other forms of self- improvement. To learn more about that philosophy and approach, click here.

What areas of your life are you most looking to improve? Even if what you may be curious about isn't on the list above, chances are that hypnosis can make a huge positive change for you as well! Call me at 240-529-4589 to find out more and book a session today!


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